Opus Aureum activity stems from the passion for etruscan, greek and roman civilization joining them to the goldsmith techniques achieved during the years, the goldsmith master Bruno Rinaldi has given a brand new birth to these old goldsmith techniques such as fusion of escaped wax making revive, by antique jewels reproduction, the very soul and feeling which, were vital for those population, confering them spiritual strngth as well as helping them to get closer to universe mysteries. 


The experience, the passion, the recenties study assure an almost lost quality.


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Here the spirit of ancient master revives by working noble metals matched with precious stones and by using artistic techniques such as embossing, chisel, fusion of escaped wax. Opus Aureum's aim is to reproduce uniques pieces of ancient atruscan, greek, roman ancient jewels and produce jewellery in accordance with this stile where a vast knowledge of goldsmith skills along with the characteristical refined creativity meet.

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In this site you will find some of these continously evolving precious articles offered by Opus Aureum.

Opus Aureum, where time stops...

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